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The number of wire per linear inch or 25.4mm, counter from the center of any wire to a point exactly one inch or 25.4mm distant, including the fractional distance between wires thereof.
직선간격 1” (25.4mm)
내의 망목의 수
The distance between two paralled adjacent warp or shute wires, measured in the projected plane. The theoretical width of an opening in the direction of interest can be calculated by subtracting the nominal wire diameter from the regional of the mesh in that direction as follows;
인접한 두 평생선의 안쪽면의 수직거리
(Opening=1”(25.4mm)÷mesh-wire diameter
선경(Wire Diameter)
It is shown as the thickness of wire itself, or by the number of the wire gauge list.
Unless specifically designated, S.W.G shall apply and it shall be expressed in decimal parts of an inch or the metric equivalent.
선의 굵기로, 일반적으로 1/1000단위까지 표기하며, 국제 규격 S.W.G 혹 B.W.G를 사용하기도한다.
공간율(%)(Open Area)
The ration of the area of the openings to the area expressed as a percentage. The theoretical percent open area can be calculated as follows.
평행한 종, 횡선 사이의 공간으로 공간율을 구하는 공식은 다음과 같다.